How Cloud Accounting Saves Your Sanity — and the Planet

Being a small business owner, you may not fancy yourself an eco-warrior. You spend your days shuffling bills, filing invoices, and mailing checks. Every day. At one point or another, your desk has probably been buried in skyscraper-tall stacks of your invoices, employee timesheets, profit and loss statements, spreadsheets, receipts, and take-out menus.

In 2017, Wakefield Research and Concur found 84 percent of business owners rely on manual processes every day. Those manual processes include using spreadsheets and Excel to track budgets and spending (69 percent), and storing important financial information in filing cabinets (60 percent).

Relying on so many paper processes not only leads to inefficiencies in the business, but it means business owners have a labyrinth of paper cluttering their places of business.  When you consider there were 29.6 million small business owners in the US, in 2017 alone, according to the US Small Business Administration, that’s a lot of paper. And you can’t just put all those important financial and business’ records in the recycle when you’re done with them.

If you’re still not sure cloud accounting and technology solutions are right for your business, just consider how much paper you could save! Going green and giving back to planet earth has never been easier. Here are three reasons cloud accounting can save your sanity — and the planet.

1. Save paper, clear the clutter, secure your business

When those invoices, timesheets, and spreadsheets are in the cloud, everything you need to help your business succeed is just a touch, tap, or click away. Imagine never having to dig out another sheet of paper from those stacks, never having to decipher numbers smudged by a coffee stain. Plus, cloud accounting solutions are secure, so you never have to worry about losing financial statements in the event of an emergency.

2. Save gas with fewer commutes

Similarly, when everything your business needs is in the cloud, you might find you don’t need to commute to the office every morning. Get started with your day from the comfort of your living room or that cafe within walking distance of your home. Cloud accounting can allow you to work in new, more creatively stimulating, calmer environments. Cut down on your transportation costs and save yourself the headache of having to sit in 5 o’clock traffic.

3. See the forest for the trees, not the paper

When you’re not spending time on all the filing, shuffling, and sorting, you have a lot more time for what really matters to your business. For one, you’ll have more time to sharpen your skills as an entrepreneur, focus your energy on coming up with new products and services, and strengthen your online and in-person relationships with your customers. When your business is in the cloud, you can put your time into being the solution your customers and your community need. And having a paper-free workspace is a lot easier to leave at night than a messy one. You can go home and spend time with your loved ones knowing a forest of papers isn’t waiting for you.

When you’re ready to save your sanity and the planet, Your Front eOffice is ready to help. We provide full-service accounting and a dedicated accounting team for your business. Don’t wait until you’re at the end of your rope. Contact us today!