Accounting and Bookkeeping Solutions

We understand how busy you are. Let our team of US-based bookkeepers support your accounting needs.

What we do Daily

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Payroll
  • Maintain accurate accounting records
  • Prepare and review financial statements
  • Educate business owners in accounting procedures and technology
  • Understand your complete picture

What we do Quarterly

  • Review your Financials
  • Payroll Tax Filings
  • Communicate with your Tax Professional

What we do Yearly

  • Reconcile all Financial accounts
  • Reconcile Payroll
  • Issue 1099/1096
  • Issue W-2/3
  • Organize and store necessary documentation
  • File your taxes or partner with your tax professional for accurate and timely tax filings
  • Match your Business Tax Return back to your Financials

Service Plans

Get started today with a plan that fits your needs.


Starting at $485, then:




Starting at $485, then:




Starting at $485, then:



* Plan add-ons for CFO, Business Advisory or Tax Services are available.

Using Technology for the Collection of Documents: We collect your important documents from vendor portals, email and physical documents. No more lost invoices, or piles of paper on your desk. We can even setup a cloud storage so you have easy access.

Bill Pay: Business owners often have a death grip on their checkbooks. Take the stress out of paying the bills, knowing they are getting paid on time, electronically. No more lost checks; no more pesky vendor calls.

Entry of Daily Sales: We’ll make certain that your Merchant Processor, Donor Revenue, or  POS system is accurately uploading the data or we’ll manually enter your sales data, and you know where you stand without having to check multiple systems on a regular basis.

Scheduling & Payroll: Payroll is complicated, mistakes happen. Take the responsibility of collecting time sheets, entering payroll, and paying payroll taxes off your plate. Whether you are using a third party payroll provider or we supply one for you.

Sales Tax Filings: Incorrectly filing your sales and use tax is like having a crappy wait staff and a fine dining restaurant. Don’t be that person.

Reconciliation of Bank, Trust, Credit Card & Loan Accounts:  It’s important to know good data coming in and going out. We’ll reconcile your main checking account, trust account, credit cards, loans or lines of credit monthly. This ensures that all your transactions have been accounted for during the month.

Add tax to any service plan


Our CPA Tax experts maximize your tax savings. No matter your industry or corporate structure, filing all the right tax documents for you, saving you time and money.


Year-End Financial Package
S Corporation (Form 1120-S)
Partnership (Form 1065)
Schedule C (Form 1040)
C Corporation Returns (Form 1120)

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