I’m Headed to QuickBooks Connect!

The Bookkeeping Buds to Share Secrets to Success

Do you know when it’s time to grow your business? Is it a gut feeling, or are you going by the books? If you’re thinking about growth, there are very specific steps I’d recommend taking before you dig in.

How much time can you commit? Are you and your team ready for additional hours spent grinding away, and for the training required to learn new systems and processes… even new software or other technology? What about your policies and procedures?

If growth is on your mind, but you’re still not sure what the future holds for your business, you’re not alone. For many business owners, getting the money and bandwidth to turn their dreams into a reality is the hardest step toward growth.

This is where great accountants come in.

Business growth and so much more at QuickBooks Connect!

It’s my pleasure to join some of the greatest minds in the profession at QBC this Nov. 5-7 to discuss topics ranging from onboarding to creating boundaries, to from pricing, growth, and everything in between. I’m especially looking forward discussing insider secrets with my Bookkeeping Buds, and to make some new buds while we’re at it.

Look for us there, tweet at me, or go to YourFrontEoffice for more information about accounting in the cloud!